The Legislative Action Network: AIADA’s Grassroots Program

The Legislative Action Network (L.A.N.) connects AIADA dealers to the legislative process in Washington, D.C. L.A.N. facilitates various grassroots-oriented activities that enable its members to build and grow a working relationship with their federal legislators both on Capitol Hill and at their local dealerships. These initiatives include AIADA's Dealer Visit Program (DVP) and our weekly e-newsletter Capitol Insight. Members also receive L.A.N. Action and Call Alerts – e-mail communications that prompt members to communicate with their federal legislators through pre-written e-mails or talking points provided by AIADA. In addition, L.A.N. members periodically receive a Town Hall Meeting Update e-mail notification when their Members of Congress are heading home for a district work period.

Join the Movement

L.A.N. membership is open to all AIADA dealers and their dealership employees; from service techs to general managers, the L.A.N. encourages grassroots participation at every level. Join the Legislative Action Network today!

AIADA's Rising Dealers Program

AIADA’s Rising Dealers program provides an opportunity for a broad group of young professionals committed to the auto retail industry to create a national network that will meet the needs of AIADA’s younger members and future leaders. The program’s mission is to enhance the careers of next generation auto dealers through shared experience, networking and political involvement in AIADA.

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