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Resource Center!

The L.A.N. Resource Center is the central location for all of AIADA's grassroots activities - sending letters to Congress, learning about critical issues, tracking key Congressional votes, locating your lawmakers, and preparing for local and national elections. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this site. We also recommend you bookmark this page so you can return quickly when prompted by AIADA to take action on issues pertinent to the auto industry.

Briefing Room: Learn About the Issues

Before contacting your Congressman and Senators, read up on the issues AIADA follows. We track legislation focused on issues, like trade and the economy, that directly impact international nameplate dealers, their employees, and their businesses. Learn more>>

Take Action: Contact Congress

As both a dealer or dealership employee and a constituent, your voice is AIADA's most powerful tool. Use it, and make an impact on Capitol Hill by regularly checking our "Take Action Center" for L.A.N. action and call alerts. Take action now>>

Key Resources: Stay Informed and Active

The best way for grassroots advocates to stay involved is to locate your lawmakers and follow legislation as it winds its way through the House and Senate chambers. Below are the top resources for activists to use to keep apprised of what is happening in Washington, D.C.

Election Resources: Register and Become an Educated Voter

As a United States citizen it is important to take advantage of the opportunity to cast your vote every chance you have. Use these resources to make sure you are registered to vote and learn more about elections in your state and nationally when they occur.

Capitol Hill Basics: Tips to Make Your Efforts Successful

Take note of these important tips and helpful information about Congress members, communicating with members and staff, and the legislative process on Capitol Hill.


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