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To those dealers that attended AIADA’s 43rd Annual Meeting and luncheon in Orlando last week: thank you. It is your support and involvement that drives our association. And a hearty congratulations to our David F. Mungenast lifetime achievement winner, Mike Dever. I am truly grateful to work in industry with dealers like Mike, who set the very highest standard for excellence.

When I accepted the AIADA gavel at our luncheon, I knew I had some big shoes to fill.

Past chairmen like Ray Mungenast (2012) and Jim Smail (2011) have set AIADA on a new path of innovation. They, along with our board and manufacturer partners, have concentrated the association’s resources on engaging with more young and diverse dealers and general managers, utilizing new technologies to communicate our message, and navigating a government landscape characterized by partisanship and gridlock.

As chairwoman, I will make it my mission to build upon their accomplishments and grow AIADA’s impact in Washington. I’m confident that AIADA’s flexibility and ‘all hands on deck’ philosophy will allow us to quickly respond to challenges and establish a solid foundation for dealers to build upon in 2013.

As far as sales go, all signs point to 2013 being a year of recovery. I wish I could say the outlook in Washington was as positive. Realistically, I anticipate obstacles on a number of fronts, including challenges to our trade relationships with Japan and the European Union, activist regulatory agencies, and a growing tax burden.

Dealers can and should get involved with shaping the outcomes of these and other serious issues. Start today by registering yourself and your general managers for AIADA’s 7th Annual International Auto Industry Summit this May in Washington, D.C. It’s a unique opportunity to network with top dealers from around the country, talk to industry and government leaders, and arm yourself with all the tools you need to be your business’s BEST advocate in Washington, D.C.

Throughout the year, I will use this blog to touch on REAL topics that REALLY impact a dealer’s bottom line. Forget the spin. As a first-time blogger, I look forward to providing readers with a dealer’s perspective on the issues that are shaping our industry – issues like taxes, trade, healthcare, and federal regulations.

As AIADA’s chairwoman, I am determined to be the international nameplate dealer’s voice in Washington, D.C. – advocating for rules and legislation that will grow our small businesses and benefit our employees and communities.

Thank you for your trust and confidence. 

Jenell Ross
AIADA Chairwoman

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